Windows 10 Upgrade Information:

• Microsoft has announced the end-of-life for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020 which means that Microsoft will no longer update or support Windows 7 after that date.
• Atlantic Systems does not perform Windows 10 upgrades.
• Customer needs to contact an outside or local tech company such as Geek Squad.
• Atlantic Systems is only responsible for Spirits software and Spirits related data.
• ASI is not responsible for 3rd party software or associated data.
• Most important is to backup the c:\ksv directory which contains all spirits related data.
• After you complete your upgrade to windows 10, ASI can connect to perform small adjustments and tweaks for the windows 10 operating system that may be needed.
• If you are replacing the PC’s with new windows 10 machines purchased from ASI, we can backup the KSV directory as each machine gets swapped, to avoid any sort of data-loss or duplication in transactions.

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