Want To Take your Store Signage to the Next Level? Now you can with Retail Vue Digital Signage from Atlantic Systems!

Retail Vue – Digital Signage

Atlantic Systems is thrilled to offer Retail VUE…..a Digital Signage Solution!

How does Retail VUE work? : I’m glad you asked!

It consists of the Retail VUE web application and the Retail VUE Utility.

The Retail VUE Web App provides the ability to display products, sales and advertisements on any television to which an Amazon Fire Stick can be connected. A profile is created for access to the Retail VUE web app allowing you to control the content to be displayed.

The Retail VUE utility is installed on your store server and provides the ability to export price/sale lists from Spirits POS to the Retail VUE Web App.

Retail Vue – Digital Signage

Spirits POS > Retail VUE Utility > Retail VUE Web App > Big Screen TV!

Retail VUE Web App

Retail VUE Web App is your portal to create your slide show. There are 3 main components to the composition of your digital signage: CONTENT, TEMPLATES and SLIDE SHOWS.

CONTENT: Content would be defined as any products, images, videos and lists that are created to add to a slide show. Lists can be manually created, or they can be imported into Retail VUE using the Retail VUE Utility directly from Spirits.

TEMPLATES: Templates are the actual slide that you are creating. Templates are created as either a TABLE OF PRODUCTS template or a PRODUCT DETAILS template. These are built from your sale lists.

SLIDE SHOWS: Slide Shows are what the customer will see on your large screen television or tablet screen. They are a culmination of templates(slides) displaying your content. Slide can also be images of products or images of special messages that you would like your customers to see. Finally, you can add slides that are videos to your slideshow.

Retail VUE Utility

Retail Vue Utility is your tool to add a sale list to a slide show simply by importing the list directly from you Spirits database.

On your preferred web browser, you will log in to Retail Vue

Retail vue login

Retail vue login

  • Within the Retail Vue Utility, you can create slide shows and videos to be displayed on your device.

  • Two templates are available:

  • Table of Products

  • Product Detail

table of products

Retail view-table of products

Retail-vue product detail

Retail vue - Product Detail

  • Within the Retail Vue Utility, you have the ability to add full product details.

  • Within the Retail Vue Utility, you have the ability to add images from a master database of images.

  • Within the Retail Vue Utility, you have the ability to add videos.

  • At any time, you can add new items, images, and videos as well as new templates to an active slideshow and the slideshow will automatically update and add the new content to the slideshow.

As stated in our other blogs, Atlantic Systems Inc. is a liquor point-of-sale company that is ever evolving with the changing liquor retail environment. We stay current with our product based off research and our customer’s feedback. We listen because we care and want to keep our liquor point-of-sale software best in market. It shows in our product and with over forty years of experience under our belt, we can back it up. You will find that with Atlantic Systems liquor point-of-sale software your business will not only run successfully but be successful.

*Check us out on Facebook at Atlantic Systems, Inc. for more information on our current and new products, features and any upcoming trade shows or events. You can also view more information on Atlantic Systems, Inc. on our NEW website-https://atlanticsystemsinc.com. Here you can find more information on our company and what our current customers are saying about us. Plus, you can schedule a FREE demo for more information. Thank you for reading our blog and let us know if you would like more information on any items we have posted about. We are here to help you stay on top of your game and be successful.

The time is now to request a full demo!! Bring your store signage to the next level with Retail Vue from Atlantic Systems!

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