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Inventory Management

Spirits allow you to track your inventory like no other POS. From stock, purchases, and sales to suggested orders, cost analysis, and pricing levels.

  • Customized Design.
  • Track Pricing Levels.
  • Track your Inventory.

Detailed Reporting

Our Spirits Report Generator allows you to run a host of reports. From cash and sales, suggested orders, top and bottom sellers, customer orders, hourly sales, accounting reports, and many more

  • Customized Design.
  • Track Pricing Levels.
  • Hourly Sales Reports.

Multiple Stores/ Corp Polling

Link multiple stores with our Spirits POS using our corporate polling feature. Save time and resources by sending inventory and price changes to all your stores at one time.

  • Linking Multiple Stores.
  • Corporate Polling Feature.
  • All Changes at one time.

Customer Loyalty programs

You’ll be able to provide discounts and special offers to your loyal customers using Spirits. Easily see each customer’s information and purchase history as well. 

  • Special Offers.
  • Special Discounts.
  • Detailed Customer Information.

Spirits Mobility

Use our Spirits Mobility app to take wireless inventory throughout your store. Spirits Mobility connects your smartphone or wireless scanner to the Spirits store server. Great for spot checks, stock lists, and even line busting.

  • Save your Precious Time.
  • Spirits Mobility Application.
  • Connects to your Store from any where.

Spirits GO

You can monitor your store from anywhere with our Spirits GO app. Check daily sales, inventory, and more, right from your phone. 

  • Spirits GO Application.
  • Daily Sales, Inventory & More.
  • Right from your Mobile Phone.

Spirits Cash Discounting

Our Spirits POS can help you combat the rising cost of credit card processing with Spirits Cash Discounting. Simply by setting up pricing for either cash or credit.

  • Save More.
  • Spirits Cash Discounting.
  • Combat the rising cost.

Age Verification

With our Spirits POS, the cut-off dates for both alcohol and tobacco are clearly visible on the register screen. It takes the guesswork out of customer verification.

  • Age Verification.
  • Both Alcohol and Tobacco.
  • No Minors are allowed.

Spirits Quick PO

With Spirits Quick PO, you’ll save hours of time per week with the ability to have purchase order stock items automatically entered into your Spirits POS.

  • Save More Time.
  • Order Stock items.
  • Automatically entered in your POS.

Seasonal / Vintage Product Management

Avoid extra work and easily manage stock for multiple seasonal products and wine vintages, even if the products use the same UPC code.

  • Save More Time.
  • Easy to manage Stocks.
  • Seasonal Products & Wine Vintage.

QuickBooks Integration

Easily integrate your QuickBooks accounting software with your Spirits POS system. 

  • Accounting Software.
  • Spirits POS System.
  • Easy to Manage Everything at Once.

Spirits Time Clock

Our Spirits Time Clock feature allows each employee to clock in and clock out for their shift behind the register.

  • Save More Time.
  • Easy to manage Employees.
  • Shift Timings for Each Employees.