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dolphinDolphin Inventory Scanner

Set your store free. Atlantic Systems brings to you the new Wireless Dolphin Scanner. The Dolphin is an optional piece of equipment that allows you to be more mobile in your store.

The scanner is connected to the Spirits network via the wireless router. Your Spirits data is not stored in the scanner. The scanner dynamically reads the Spirits data from the server computer. As you use the scanner, it dynamically writes back data to the server computer.

There are several tasks you can complete with the Dolphin Scanner:

Count Inventory

Initial inventory counting can be a time consuming project. The scanner can help you accomplish this task quickly and efficiently. And remember, inventory counting is something you do throughout the year. You can use the scanner for spot checks.

Price Changes

The scanner can be used to make price change lists. Scan the item and enter the new price.

Price Labels

The scanner can be used to create a label list

Stock Check

The scanner can be used to check current prices and stock counts. You can scan the item on the shelf and verify whether or not the shelf label has the correct price.

Line Busting

It’s either Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s Day or just another busy Friday at 5:00pm and you have lines out the door!  Line Busting with Spirits Mobile Interface and dolphin scanner allows you to attend to you customers while they wait.  Simply scan the items in their hand, basket or shopping cart and create a UPC label for that sale.  When the customer gets to the register, scan the UPC label (if using a mobile printer) or enter the UPC number.  When the pre-scanned items display on your register screen, complete the transaction and send your happy customer on their way. 

Shelf Restocking Pick List Report

You can walk around the store and visually see how many bottles are missing on the shelf. You can scan the UPC and enter the number of bottles you need to move to the shelf. You can print a Shelf Restocking Pick List on your office report printer and use this to restock the shelf.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders on the fly or in advance. Select the vendor you want to create a purchase order for and scan the items you want and how many you need to order.

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