Want To Expand Your Store Beyond the Brick and Mortar for Your Liquor Store? eCommerce solution for liquor stores

Atlantic Systems Websites

Atlantic Systems is thrilled to finally offer all our customers a simple-to-use eCommerce solution for liquor stores! ASI has worked very hard to offer features that we know our customers want in a website without the complicated process to get your website up and running.

ASI WEBSITES: eCommerce solution for liquor stores

The ASI Website is what this is all about!! Our website offers any store a complete eCommerce package that allows you to reach a much larger customer base than you ever could before. When your customer visits your new website, they will have no problem finding what they are looking for.

Atlantic Systems Websites

Our website offers a rotating banner for you to advertise specials and important information on upcoming events.

Display new products and sale items in your Featured Products section

Your ASI Website allows your customer to find whatever they are looking for by utilizing intuitive filters. Your inventory is categorized for easy searching.

Inspire your customers with our expansive recipes section. This is standard for all stores!

Your ASI Website offers the ability for your customers to sign up for your events.

Customers will have the ability to request that their order is delivered, or they can pick their order up at the store. Orders can be paid for on the website or in-store when the customer arrives to pick up their order. Website payments are handled and processed with a current Worldpay eCommerce account. You can be sure that your customer’s information and payments are secure!

We accomplish this by integrating your website with your Spirits Point of Sale system. Our website offers a solution for stores of all sizes and managing your new website will be a breeze with our web console that you can access on any computer that has access to the internet!

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Spirits Mobile App Updater:

The Spirits Mobile App Updater is a set it and forget it utility that constantly keeps your website up to date and your inventory accurate. Here is how we do it:

The Mobile App Updater sends an updated upload of your inventory to your website on a predetermined time cycle that can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Using existing controls in Spirits, you can control what products are allowed to be sold on your website. This existing functionality allows you to control the stock threshold so that product isn’t sold on your website when your inventory is low for an item

The Mobile App Updater will download your website sales on a set time cycle that can also be adjusted to fit your needs.

When an order is downloaded, the Mobile App Updater will create a sale within Spirits that will allow your stock and sales history to be adjusted to account for the web sale. You’ll never have to manually adjust your stock! The web sale will also be applied to the customer who submitted the order so that their order history is accurate as well.

ARM Console:

The Accrue Retail Mobilitics (ARM) Console is your control center for your website. Here you will manage all aspects of your website including processing your web sales. Here are the features you will have at your fingertips using our ARM Console.

Events: Create exciting events to build your loyal customer base.

Featured Product: Have products you want your customers to see FRONT AND CENTER on your website!! You can designate any product you desire to be in your Featured Products section. Sale items are automatically added!

Customers: See a detailed list of all your web customers along with a direct link to their web order history.

Reports: The ARM console offers simple, yet effective reporting. Get the information you need using one of our 4 reports.

ORDERS: See detailed information on orders placed in a given time frame. Information included is the Grand Total, Total Number of Completed Orders and the Average Basket total.

PRODUCT DETAILS: See quantity and amount ($) sold of all skus recorded in your web sales for a given time frame.

CUSTOMER DETAILS: See who has signed up for your website in a given time frame.

EVENT CUSTOMER DETAILS: See all the customers who have signed up for your events.

Orders: See all of your pending and completed orders. This is where you process orders for fulfillment in Spirits. Your customers are automatically emailed the status of their order as the order status changes.

Delivery: Control all details of your store’s delivery policy. With the ARM Console you can set up a delivery radius from your store. This puts you in control of determining where you deliver to.

The time is now to request a full demo!! Bring your store to the next level with a website from Atlantic Systems!

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